Yeah, so I’m back for a part two and I just wanna say
Please do not fucking judge me or matter fact
Fuck you if you judge me I think that’s better

So listen, I say people barely eating so I thank God for this bite
No light food or gas but yeah I thank God for them nights
I always knew wrong from right but I never chose the right
Cause God gave my father all the good shit up in life
Cause man that nigga never helped my mama with shit
Wanted a boy but got a girl so told my mama “kick bricks”
But speaking of bricks I wish I had a fucking brick to bust this nigga head until he dead for treating me like shit
But that ain’t the case the case is why I chase
I chase my father down wondering why I’m such a disgrace
Man that’s crazy and all these niggas tryna fuck
And girls like jell as fuck cause he took me out to dinner and spent a couple of bucks
But I could give a fuck about a nigga and his bucks
Don’t need no drug dealer come talk to me in a tux
One week later want a quickie hold up nigga whats the rush?
Niggas want a stupid bitch to walk over and keep it hush
Well I ain’t that bitch
So next topic, people getting toxic
I try to stay up in the house like a motherfucking hostage
Cause I don’t want no drama grew up just wanting commas
Counting a hundred pennies tryna get a dollar burger for my mama
But the grind stayed strong mama ain’t on her own
I plan to take us from the hood to a made haven throne
See mama all I got brothers don’t give a crap
If I got shot up on the block they’d probably raise they hands and clap
Cause they think I’m real sluttish cause I do not dress thuggish
I wear that tight shit to keep these bitches mean mugging
So my bros think I’m a hoe fuck for money on the low
When 9 out of 10 a nigga wanna fuck it’s “no”
I got standards wanted to be a dancer , 13 years old praying for people who got cancer
But they don’t see that shit but in my spirit I’m rich
Ladies time to walk away from niggas who calling you a bitch
Cause we deserve the best I put that on my chest
So worried where he been at its leaving you with no rest
It’s just a bunch of stress
But it’s time for a change not booksmart but got brain
To tell my story once again part three full of pain
Coming soon